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Harness the power of Bitcoin and preserve
your wealth with Zawda.

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Dont expose your wealth to bank and exchange failures

More than 5 Billion of Bitcoin and altcoins have lost to exchanges, custodians, hacks, and breaches since 2009. Take control of your Bitcoin in the safest way possible

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Advanced Multisig Vaults

Assure Your Bitcoin
with Unmatched Security and Self-Sovereignty

Traditional single-key solutions present a single point of failure, making them vulnerable to hacks and theft. Multisig schemes dramatically decreases the risk of unauthorized access and adds a robust layer of security. Our MultiSig solution ensures that you remain in control of your assets. While we provide the security architecture, you hold the keys. Losing a private key can be catastrophic. With MultiSig Vaults, you distribute the keys across multiple locations or trusted parties. This means that losing one key doesn't mean losing access to your assets. The multi-signature requirement acts as a safeguard against human error.

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Our Products

Securely store and retain full control over your Bitcoin using Multi-Sig custody.
What is Multisig?



For experienced Bitcoin holders

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Access to Zawda's dashboard funcionalities

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Bring your own custody devices

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Join the community



For Businesses, Institutions, and large holders

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Guided account setup

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Gain access to your private keys and control 2/3 of them

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$75 pre-hardware wallet as needed

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$0 for withdrawals

Zawda Helps Minimize
Your Risks



Zawda uses 2 out of 3 multisig vaults
to safeguard your bitcoin and help you
sign transactions.
You retain two keys and Zawda has one backup
key that we can use if one of your two keys is lost or stolen

Store of 

Store of value

Your Bitcoin is safe regardless of what happens to Zawda.
The two Multisig keys means that
your Bitcoin is protected
and accessible at any time.

 & Tested

Audited & Tested

Zawda does not have access to your Bitcoin.
You can verify the Bitcoin in your wallet's address
at anytime using your hardware device.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Zawda only support bitcoin?


Zawda does not support any other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

How much does Zawda cost?


Zawda currently has two plans, self setup which doesn't cost you anything and Concierge Onboarding which costs $50/month

What information is required to sign up?


To create and use a Zawda account you will sign an agreement and submit basic KYC and AML requirements. Zawda is not a financial institution or a payment processor. We offer software services to help custody Bitcoin. 

Is Zawda a custodian of my money?


Zawda holds 1 of the 3 private keys generated using Multisig. You will retain full control over your bitcoin with the other two keys. In the event that one of your two keys is lost or stolen, Zawda's team can help you recover the wallet and issue a new set of private keys.

How much money can I invest with Zawda?


There’s isn’t a magical number, it all depends on your risk appetite and ability to invest on the long run. Our calculations show that a portfolio exposure of 1-5% to Bitcoin for individuals and businesses is small enough to not think about and forget for an extended period of time so you allow the value of Bitcoin to appreciate and avoid a lot of the short term volatility.

Will I lose my money with Zawda?


Zawda will never have control over your Bitcoin, Regardless of what happens to the business, your Bitcoin is safe and secure provided you have 2 of the 3 keys to access the wallet.

Does Zawda help convert my bitcoin savings to fiat?


Zawda can sell your Bitcoin using regulated exchanges and return the money to your local account whenever you wish to do so. You can also withdraw the Bitcoin to your own wallet of choice