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Our Mission

Save with Bitcoin

Zawda is on a mission to provide financial security for all. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to build wealth and achieve their financial goals. Our Bitcoin plans helps businesses and institutions hedge against volatile currencies and find new avenues to retain employees and improve their bottom line.

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Our Mission ImageOur Mission ImageOur Mission Image

The World Today

Overcoming Financial
Inequality: Addressing the Broken System

The current financial system is broken. Of all the amount of money in existence today, more than 80% was “created” since 2020. With inflation, devaluations, and capital controls in place, your capital is always at risk. Equities, Bonds, Real Estate, and Gold have been traditional investment vehicles for many, but each has its own limitations and drawdowns. We believe a new digital asset class can help balance that mix - Bitcoin. The first asset that provides digital scarcity supported by Proof of Work.

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Our Products

Companies Can Now Buy and Accumulate Bitcoin in a Secure, Compliant, and Seamless Way

For Small Sums - Core Custody $250/month

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Ransomware, lost seed phrase

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Damaged or stolen device

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Wallet custody / failure

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Total protection for up to $250.000 of held assets

For Large Sums - Advanced Custody $450/month

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Core functionalites +

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Biometric failure

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Account takeover (ATO)

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Multi factor security failure

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Total protection for up to $1M of held assets

Zawda Helps Minimize
Your Risks



Your Bitcoin is safeguarded and
guaranteed in a cold wallet
guarded by the best technology
in this space. Multisig and 2FA
are included in a dedicated vault

Store of 

Store of value

Bitcoin is a decentralized
currency that can be converted
into any other fiat currency.
Your capital is protected and
accessible at any time

 & Tested

Audited & Tested

Your Bitcoin is regularly audited
by independent and reputable
third parties and documented in
ISAE 3402 reports

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Bitcoin Savings Calculator

Estimate Your Returns

EGP 1,000EGP 1,000,000

1,000 EGP

Frequency: Monthly

Payment Period: 5 Years


Frequently asked questions

Does Zawda only support bitcoin?


Zawda enables provides businesses with an option to use their local currency and buy Bitcoin as part of a diverse portfolio investment and long term savings plan. Zawda does not support any other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

How much does Zawda cost?


Zawda offers monthly and annual plans to businesses. The monthly Bitcoin Benefits Plan currently costs $5 per employee per month in local currency. The Bitcoin Asset Management plan costs 0.99% per year for maintenance and audits. Zawda does not charge you for any withdrawal or transaction fees

What information is required to sign up?


Zawda is only available to businesses. To create and use a Zawda account you will sign an agreement and submit basic KYC requirements. Zawda is not a financial institution or a payment processor. We offer software services to help businesses and their employees accumulate bitcoin. 

Is Zawda a custodian of my money?


You can choose between self-custody and Zawda custody. Your savings are automatically converted to bitcoin and put in cold storage or in a hot wallet of your choice. You can redeem them at anytime.

How much money can I invest with Zawda?


There’s isn’t a magical number, it all depends on your risk appetite and ability to invest on the long run. Our calculations show that a portfolio exposure of 1-5% to Bitcoin for individuals and businesses is small enough to not think about and forget for an extended period of time so you allow the value of Bitcoin to appreciate and avoid a lot of the short term volatility.

Will I lose my money with Zawda?


Your funds are safeguarded and audited with Zawda, however like any security, it’s subject to market fluctuations, there will be times where the value of Bitcoin in your local currency could dip, others where it would increase. We recommend a time horizon of 4+ years to really benefit from the compounding effect of Bitcoin.

Does Zawda help convert my bitcoin savings to fiat?


Zawda can sell your Bitcoin using regulated exchanges and return the money to your local account whenever you wish to do so. You can also withdraw the Bitcoin to your own wallet of choice