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Zawda is an Arabic word that colloquially means a bump or increase, which in our case means an increase in your financial wealth.
Our journey with Bitcoin started like many others in emerging economies. We saw the high levels of inflation, devaluation, and capital controls that were happening in our home countries and decided to take action. Today we’re on a mission to provide everyone with financial security across the Middle East and North Africa region. We believe that Bitcoin is part of that solution.

Our Team

We’ve worked across Tech, Government,
Insurance, & Startups in 7 countries

Oday Kamal

Oday Kamal


Bitcoin journey started after he experienced hyperinflation in Lebanon.

Past Experience

Oday Kamal Experience
Javier Vargas

Javier Vargas


Bitcoin journey started in 2013 whilst browsing linux forums

Past Experience

Javier Vargas Experience

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